2 . Dumaru Pandro

Village: Jamaniya, Panchayat: Nakaul, Block: Bichiya,
District: Mandla

Program Intervention : Trained at Shaksham Dehradun.
Present Status : Police Officer at Madhya Pradesh Police.
Present Salary : 24000 pm.
Impact : Supporting Father's medical treatment and only source of income for family.

3. Ramoti Putta

Village: Bijegaon, Panchayat: Gujarsahni, Block: Narayanganj,
District: Mandla

Program Intervention: Trained at Pratibha Syntax, Indore.
Present Status: Operator Overlap machine at Pratibha Syntax, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
Present Salary: 11000 pm.
Impact: Supporting her family and also have a good savings at bank and PF account.

4. Shukhchain Marawi

Village: Pondi, Panchayat: Pondi, Block: Mohgaon,
District: Mandla

Program Intervention : Trained at PACE, Dhamtari.
Present Status : Nurse at District Hospital, Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh.
Present Salary : 25000 pm.
Impact :

  • He has made his own Pucca, House.
  • He has purchased land out-side his village also.
  • Purchase a two-wheeler for him.
His children's are studding in English medium schools.

5. Nilu Dhareshwar

Village: Siligitti, Panchayat: Siligitti, Block: Mohgaon,
District: Mandla

Program Intervention : Trained at Pratibha Syntax.
Present Status : Machine operator at Pratibha Syntax, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Present Salary : 7500 pm with food & accommodation.
Impact :

  • Purchased 2.5 acre of agricultural land at her village.
  • Supported her younger brother in buying an auto rickshaw.
  • Around I lakh savings in PF account and 50k in savings account.

6. Naveen Yadav

Village: Malpahri, Panchayat: Malpahri Githar, Block: Mohgaon,
District: Mandla

Program Intervention : Trained at Don Bosco, Pune.
Present Status : Motor mechanic at Mohgaon, Mandla, MP
Present income : 5000 pm
Impact : Supporting his family’s and only source of income for family.

1) Shivkumari Baghel, Village: Sudgaon, Panchayat: Sudgaon, Block: Mohgaon, District: Mandla

I was pursuing my B.A. at Mandla when I came to know about Yuwashastra. After a weak of initial training, I selected the course for nursing to study further. During this period my family was busy in deciding the best carrier option for me. Meanwhile I got a survey job of INR1000. Then applied for some nursing colleges and got selected for 2 year nursing training at nursing college, Umri. After successful completion of ANM training I finally joined Bilaspur Swasthya Sahayog with a starting salary of 3000/-. Under the burden of all the old customs and believes the people of my village were scared of sending their children out of the village. But now I can say that, 'we can learn so many new ways of living life more comfortably in the outside world'. Presently, she is working as a nurse at district hospital, Anuppur, Madhypradesh and earning INR 12000 pm.

2) Dumaru Pandro, Village: Jamaniya, Panchayat: Nakaul, Block: Bichiya, District Mandla.

Just after completing Higher Secondary, was suggested by his Maternal Uncle to join the Yuwashastra program. Yuwashastra have everything for individuals belonging from rural middle and lower class families. Here, they provide a vast range of different courses to for individuals like me. Following my choice for the uniform I opted for defense job. With support and guidance from Yuwashastra program, I completed my training at Dehradun, Utrakhand, which includes all the educational as well as physical training required for Indian Army selection. I stayed there for three months and it changed me completely. Before getting a defense job I started feeling and behaving like a defense personal. This, ‘change’ helped me in getting a job of my choice in Indian Army. Presently, he is working as a soldier in Indian Army and earning INR 25000 pm.

3) Ramoti Putta, Village: Bijegaon, Panchayat: Gujarsahni, Block: Narayanganj, District: Mandla.

I was not doing anything productive at my village. My mother who was a member of vindhiya sagar SHG group asked me to come for the meeting. I went there and attended the meeting. A person (not remembering the name) from PRADAN explained us about Yuwashastra. I went to Narayanganj office and registered myself for the program. It was November 2014, in the same month they took me to TINDINI for 10 days’ workshop, which is not very far from our village. They offered various kind of job training options. I selected tailoring and went to Pratibha Syntax, Indore for tailoring training in December 2014. And till today I am working here only. I have got an opportunity to work across the departments in this organisation. I love my job and I am very happy. That time I was the only girl from my village who have done something like me but after that many girls came here and are working happily. Presently, she is working as an operator of overlap machine at Pratibha syntax, Indore and earning INR 11000.

4) Shukhchain Marawi, Village: Pondi, Panchayat: Pondi, Block: Mohgaon, District: Mandla.

I was working as an agricultural laborer after completing 10th from the village govt. school. My family’s financial condition was also not so good and being the oldest child in the family I was overburdened with family responsibility.I was confused since no body in my village was giving me appropriate suggestion for how to take life forward in a better way. My friends (candidates of Yuwashastra who have just came to village after 10-day orientation training) from the same village advised me to join Yuwashatra. With the help of village SHG members I got myself registered for Yuwashatra. I proudly confess that those 10 days were the turning point of my life. After completing the workshop and taking many counseling sessions I decided to go for hospitality training at PACE Dhamtari center. After successful completion of training I earned a job of five thousand rupees a month in a three-star hotel in Hyderabad. I worked there for two years and got three promotions and my salary increased to eleven thousand rupees a month without overtime. Presently, he is a master trainer, at PACE, Sukma hospitality center and earning INR 25000 pm.

5) Nilu Dhareshwar, Village: Silligiti, Panchayat: Silligiti, Block: Mohgaon, District: Mandla.

My education was stopped after class 8th due to the poor financial condition of the family. I was fully involved in household activities and was also working as an unskilled agricultural laborer at the village.Women from the neighborhood who was member of SHG groups at the same village suggested her to join yuwashastra program. Few days’ later mobilization team of yuwashastra came to the village for village label youth meeting. I also attended the meeting and she decided to finally join the program. After 10 days residential training at tindini, mandla I opted to learn tailoring from pratibha syntex, Indore. Parents were not ready in the beginning but counsellers of the program became successful in convincing my parents later. I successfully completed the training and earned a job at pratibha syntex. In the beginning, my salary was 5 thousand rupees a month.(year 2012) I got various promotions and continually worked there for 5 years. She has finally come to village and going to get married soon and now she is planning to start her own tailoring center at Mohgaon market.

6) Naveen Yadav, Village: Malpahri, Panchayat: Malpahri Githar, Block: Mohgaon, District: Mandla.

I got myself registered for the program in December 2012. After that I participated in 10 days orientation workshop at Tindini. Among so many options I opted for automobile course at DonBosco Pune, Maharashtra. Our training there was for six months where we got chance to learn both theory and practical. After completion of training I got opportunity to work there. At that time my salary was Rs.6000 pm. I worked there for four months, then due to my father’s poor health conditions I came back and staying here at my village. Presently, I am working here at lohan’s chilly farm at my village and taking care of my ill father and staying with family. I also work as an automobile mechanic in my neighborhood on call basis for some of my clients. I have learned to take decisions in my life after getting associated with Yuwashastra program. I am supporting my younger sister’s education and father’s medical treatment.

7) Sarla Sindram, Village: Mungawani, Panchayat: Mohgaon, Block: Mohgaon, District: Mandla.

One day Bhagchand bhaiya came to my house to meet my mother since she was an active member of SHG group at my village. As a part of general conversation with Bhagchand bhaiya he told me about Yuwashastra program and invited me and my mother to Yuwashastra office at Mohgaon. There in presence of my mother Bhagchand bhaiya and a didi explained me about Yuwashastra program in detail and asked me to register for the program. Since, there were almost no formalities I simply registered myself. I was also asked to attend Yuwashastra 10-day residential training at Tindini. There, we learned about our self, that was a beginning I started thinking about myself. They told us about many trades but I was interested in tailoring so I went to Pratibha syntax , Indore. After training I got a job of Rs. 5000 pm and presently I am earning Rs. 8000 pm at the same place. My father works as a cleaning staff at Janpad office, and earns around Rs. 2000 pm. We don’t have any land at our village where we can do farming like others at my village. Till today, I have managed to save 2.5 lakh rupees at my saving accounts and around 1 lakh in PF account. I am planning to by a small piece of land and make our own house at my village. Also, recently I have got an offer of working abroad with a very nice salary. I have got a lot from Yuwashastra.

8) Lakshaman Durve, Village: Silligiti, Panchayat: Silligiti, Block: Mohgaon, District: Mandla.

After the Demise of my Father, situation of the family become worse. I quit studies after 9th class. I came to know about Yuwashastra in 2012 where I got a 10 days initial general training. Then I selected hotel management course for my further training. After 3 months training at Dhamtari (2012-13).After the completion of my training I got a job in Ooty at Acod Group Hyland Hotel with a starting salary of 5000/- p m. with free fooding and lodging. I worked there for one year and returned to Raipur back on family demand.2013-14 I worked at hotel Hayat in Raipur with a starting salary of 7000/- pm. After 4 months I left that job due to some professional issues. In 2015 I got another job at Bilashpur in hotel Mariate Courtyard with the starting salary of 10,000/- pm. I am currently working in the same place and have managed to save 60,000/- as Provident fund. Only because of Yuwashastra I attained this level of confidence that make it possible to qualify an interview and get the job on merit and this is a great experience.