Details of program offerings

Each youth faces this question at that age, what would I do in my life, what are the options, Am I capable enough, there aren’t adequate resources with me. These questions gain a lot of significance at that age when youth are about to enter into adulthood and into productive age. The program is thus designed to help answer seek answers to these and other such questions

There are four phases of the program

Mobilization and Registration

Orientation and Assignment of Mentor

Guidance by Mentors

Career Options workshop


Subsequent to it once the youth have made a career choice, Program works with partner resource organization so enrol participant youth with vocation skill enhancement courses and helps them find suitable placements.

Yuvashastra Orientation Module

SL.NO Objective Activity
1 Ice breaking
2 Introduction
3 Rules
4 Objective of Workshop
5 Why youth? Significance What's the current stage of youth in the village. How youth today are seen. Play or otherwise
6 Through statistics on employment, education, child marriage, gram sabha attendance etc, migration - Country and village
7 Self Mapping life history - essay. And share in dyad. Incidents, struggles, successes, strengths, weaknesses and aspiration
8 Why this dream? Where did it come from? - Overnight
Day 2
9 Aspiration exploration Discussion on overnight activity - Realization of external factors affecting their decision
10 Ikigai framework - explain and make
11 Self -capacity Johari window. Starting with in pairs
12 Ring toss
13 Self - worth, confidence Real life examples, stories
14 Self - worth, confidence Real life examples, stories
15 Gender Kamal-Kamli, discussion
16 Movie
Day 3
17 Song
18 Recap
19 SGD (boys and girls separate) - village-wise inequality identification
20 Presentation and plenary discussion
21 Discussion - need for collective
22 Livelihoods Choices Exploring Pathways & Critical Understanding.
23 Action Plan Ahead
24 Conclusion Program Flow